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In our shop you'll find exclusive tracks, made and uploaded by music producers from around the world. We carry out extensive background checks on every producer who wants to work with us, so you can be sure that every track is unique and made exclusively for sale on Soundvase.

Once you buy a track, you can immediately access all the relevant files, including multitrack stems and masters. You'll also get a non-disclosure agreement that grants you authorship and copyright.

You can use the purchased soundtrack as your own. Income generated from a live performance or platforms like Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music is yours to keep. All soundtracks are limited to one copy, so as soon as you buy a track, we remove the preview and the product page and put a "sold" badge on the artwork.

Frequently asked questions

  • I want to buy a track from your shop. What will I get?
    You’ll get a completely original track. There are no unauthorized vocals, samples, or loops. Music producers use synths, plugins, and royalty-free samples, so you can release your track and collect 100% of the royalties.

    We guarantee full confidentiality. We sign a contract with each of our music producers that states that they’re no longer the author or copyright owner, and that they will never claim authorship for tracks that they sell on Soundvase. Once you buy a track, we remove the preview from our shop and automatically add a “sold” badge.

    You’ll instantly receive a link for the full package, so you can remix, edit, and remaster the track to your heart’s content. The package contains:

    - 44.1kHz/16-bit WAV files of both mastered and unmastered versions of the track, along with 320kbps MP3 versions.
    - Labeled multitrack wet stems (44.1kHz/16-bit WAV files with names like “Kick.wav,” "Bass.wav," "Lead.wav," etc.).
    - If vocals were used in the track, you'll get an instrumental version too.

    If the producer used a royalty-free vocal sample to create the track, you’ll receive a link to the sample source in My Purchases.

    Make sure you buy your track using your own PayPal account or credit card, and that you provide us with the same name and email address as in your billing details, or we will neither be able to release the download link for the track package nor the certificate of authenticity.
  • What’s the difference between your store and other stock music websites?
    Above all else, it's the quality of our tracks.

    We have a very strict submission process. We don't allow poor-quality tracks or ideas onto our platform. Unlike other stores, our first priority isn’t the number of tracks we sell, but customer satisfaction and solid long-term partnerships. You won’t waste your time trawling through endless low-quality productions to find what you need.

    Our prices are reasonable, and our crew is happy.

    Hardworking producers crafting high-quality tracks deserve to be rewarded for their talent. To ensure our music producers are motivated, stay creative, and retain attention to detail, we charge between $199 and $999 per track and promise to pay our producers the agreed price. Plus, we’re always there for our music producers: We offer training to increase their technical knowledge, and we workshop with them to help evolve their sound.

    We’re transparent and trusted.

    We’ve been invited by the Amsterdam Dance Event to host a keynote panel at ADE University. We’ve also hosted a panel at the IMS Conference in Ibiza and at the Dancefair production conference in the Netherlands. We’ve been featured in Mixmag, DJ Mag, and Vice.

    We’re approved by the Association For Electronic Music as a download site that licenses content legitimately from artists and remunerates accordingly. We’re proud of our reputation for quality and customer satisfaction.
  • There are vocals in some of the tracks – are they all exclusive?
    Most vocals are neither custom-made nor exclusive. Exclusive vocals are marked with the icon. Non-exclusive royalty-free vocals are marked with the icon.
  • What can I do with non-exclusive vocals?
    All royalty-free vocals purchased by producers are from legal sample packs that have royalty-free licenses, so the tracks can be used for commercial purposes, with the artist collecting 100% of the royalties.

    If you’d like to edit one of these tracks or vocals to create a new master version, you’ll have to get a source vocal sample from the manufacturer to obtain a license.

    Most royalty-free vocals are taken from Splice or Loopcloud, so it's easy and cheap to get a license for an individual vocal track. Once you purchase a track, we'll provide information on the vocal sample pack in the My Purchases vocal info tab.

    Remember that anyone else can use the same vocals, since they are not exclusive to you. This is entirely permissible in the industry.
  • What can I do with exclusive vocals?
    If the producer has recorded an exclusive vocal, you'll have full rights to exploit it, including to reuse, edit, rework, and remix it. You should not mention the singer or author, as all rights are waived.
  • I bought a track with vocals in your shop. Is it possible to get lyrics?
    We’re sorry, but no. Sample pack publishers and authors never provide lyrics on royalty-free samples. You’ll need to transcribe the lyrics yourself or find someone who can.
  • I purchased a track and published it via a distributor/Soundcloud/YouTube, and it got blocked for copyright infringement. What do I do now?
    We know how frustrating it can be: You've already scheduled your track release, but it has been postponed due to a copyright notice. It’s not unusual. And it doesn't mean that you've been “cheated” by either Soundvase or the music producer. Let us explain.

    Multiple artists often choose to use the same non-exclusive royalty-free vocals in their tracks. Due to the imperfect nature of content-ID systems, it's usually the first person who releases a track with these vocals who is recognized as the one and only copyright holder on a given platform. In fact, copyrighting a track that uses a non-exclusive royalty-free acapella is illegal, as the license for royalty-free vocals allows their use for commercial purposes in an unlimited number of compositions.

    So how can you respond and take the claim down? State that the track has been misidentified and provide details about ownership or evidence of the track’s creation. There are two main options:

    Provide a certificate of authenticity

    This can be downloaded in My Purchases by clickingPDFnext to the purchased track. Upload this document to the distributor/streaming platform to support your claim. Tell them that you purchased a worldwide exclusive copyright license to the track from Soundvase (EDM Ghost Production Inc.).

    If you want to avoid being linked with this certificate or letting anyone know where you purchased the track, you can use the second option:

    Link to the sample

    Go to vocal column in My Purchases to copy the link(s) to the royalty-free vocal sample(s) used in the track. Submit the link(s) to the platform/distributor as part of your claim and explain that you have used a non-exclusive 100%-royalty-free vocal sample to produce the track, and that there is no copyright violation as the song is 100% original and unique.

    It's up to you which method to use to dispute a report – they are both effective.
  • What if I want to request minor changes to a track in the shop before I purchase it? Can I do that?
    In most instances we decline such requests. However, depending on the individual case, we may be able to change a minor element that you don’t like, for an agreed fee.
  • I’ve already made a purchase but want to make changes to the track. Can you do that for me?
    When you make a purchase, you agree to buy the track as it is in the preview.

    Previews are 320kbps high-quality MP3s. The producer may be willing to make revisions to the track, but we cannot guarantee this. Should the producer agree, each revision will cost $100. Contact us with your specific request.
  • Are there any discounts?
    Producers on our website occasionally reduce the price of their tracks. Add your favorites to your wish list, so you can keep an eye on their prices. We also offer discount coupons as part of regular promotions: Subscribe to our email newsletter for the latest offers.

    Don’t forget to check out our Super Sale category, where all tracks are $199.
  • Can I get a refund or exchange a track?
    No. All sales are final. Refunds are impossible due to the nature of digital products.
  • What rights do I receive upon purchasing a track?
    After purchase, you become the new owner of the acquired track (master recording). You own the copyright, as well as author’s, neighboring, and performance rights.
  • Do I receive the track artwork?
    No. You only receive the track, its rights, and its source files.
  • May I resell the track?
    The purchaser is the end user of the track. Reselling on Soundvase is prohibited.

Still have questions?

Feel free to ask our support team. We’ll be in touch as soon as we can.