How to avoid backing tracks that sound like everyone else's

As more and more people realise how low the barrier to entry is, vlogging has in many ways become a better expression of democracy that you'll see in most political systems. The YouTube algorithm obviously has its quirks, but by and large, if you're good, then your content will get shared.

There's an unimaginable amount of stuff out there, and while the combination of YouTube and affordable smartphones may have allowed previously undiscovered geniuses become internet superstars, there will naturally follow legions of pale imitators.

When it comes to backing tracks, travel vlogs may be the biggest offenders: Along with the obsession with drone shots and the word "iconic," creators all seem compelled to choose the same kind of ambling Major Lazer-esque backing tracks that have become a kind of modern-day lift music. How-to videos and tech ads all seem to favor a sub-U2 guitar that's super heavy on the reverb; astronomy is invariably linked to ambient soundscapes.

To be fair, the only reason such norms emerge is that they must work! Following the herd has its advantages, but truly great works of art are those that respect what's gone before them while knowing just how much they can buck the trend and offer something new. There can be real beauty in that middle ground between established and out-there. But how can you turn a headful of contrasting ideas into a professional piece of music?

It's easier than you think. Soundvase doesn't just offer "off the peg" royalty-free, no-copyright tracks: Choose our custom service and we'll match you with one of our expert producers, so you can collaborate to bring your tune to life exactly as you envisioned it. Both for the readymade and bespoke options, prices are capped at $999.

Subscription sites full of stock music may be the right thing in some circumstances, but licenses can have prohibitive small print, quality is variable, and a monthly fee can feel unfair when you only really need one or two killer tracks. Consider going the bespoke route. You're worth it!